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Solution Dyed Nylon

Not all Nylon Carpet is created equal – Premium Solution Dyed Nylon (PSDN) Carpet

100% Premium Solution Dyed Nylon (PSDN) is unlike any other dyeing method. Solution dyeing injects the colour pigment into the nylon polymer while it is still in a molten state, producing colours of exceptional depth and clarity; saturated colours that become a permanent part of the nylon’s molecular structure.

Simply put … the difference between a solution dyeing method and the more conventional piece dyeing method is similar to a carrot and a radish. PSDN is like a carrot, i.e. the colour is all the way through. This allows stains to be removed without damaging the carpet. Other dyeing techniques produce a radish-like effect, i.e. the colour is on the outside of the fibre only. This means that the colour is at risk of also being removed in the stain removal process!

In conjunction with this the bulk continuous filament (BCF) means that there is no shedding and therefore pile weight loss like your conventional product (wool and other synthetics). This also provides peace of mind for asthma and allergy sufferers as there are not the airborne fibres around your home to trigger allergies.

Key Benefits of BCF Premium Solution Dyed Nylon:

  • Stainproof
  • Superior Colour Fastness – Fade Resistent
  • Excellent Depth of Colour
  • Won’t Shed or Pill
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Rot and Shrink Proof

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